General Settings

Saberis will set up these options based on the information given to us at the time the account is created. Only users with Administrtor rights will see the Settings on the top Menu Bar.

It is the responsibility of the Company Administrator to verify these settings.

Click on Settings on the top Menu Bar.

  1. The Export File Format: This is determined by what POS/ERP system you are using at your company. For more details please see POS/ERP Systems.

  2. Export File Using FTP (File Transfer Protocol): This is one of three ways to det the SaberisConnect processed document to your POS/ERP system for importing. 
    1. Saberis FTP option can eliminate the need for the user to download the document. Ask your IT people to set-up a secure FTP server and then fill in the necessary domail, user name, password and target path information.

    2. Bistrack:does not use the Saberis FTP function. Intead Bistrack queries teh Saberis FTP server looking for new orders and automatically "pulls" the processed document down to the eBusiness Browser. 

      Saberis creates a folder for each dealer and sends the  BisTrack team the necessary information for them to set up their FTP process.

    3. Manually download the processed file by clicking on the name in Processed Document column in the Document List. Then Save As to what ever folder you have designated for for POS/ERP system to import from. 

  3. Allow Unix Filenames: This should be user for
    1. POS/ERP Unix/Linux servers.
    2. Users of the Saberis FTP option. This feature will purge a "/" that may be in the Design or project name in the export file name. A "/" could create a new folder on the server with the name of the file name up to the "/".

  4.   Wrap Long Descriptions: The different POS/ERP systems have different import description field lengths. SaberisConnect will create "text" or "comment" records or XML Tags for any part of the desription that does not fit into the description field on the POS/ERP system.

  5. Max Description Length: Most legacy systems are 32 characters. The more modern systems have much bigger description fields. Please see  POS/ERP Systems.for mor detailed information.