Module Settings

Saberis has set default values for these options. It is the responsibility of your company Admin to to verify that they are appropriate.Click on the Vendor Module Settings menu item to see Module specific settings and issues.

Export Filename Source
The default has the User Name followed by the Default Name, Project Name (if any) or Order Number and ending with a Date + Time stamp.

If your POS/ERP system is a "legacy" system on a Unix or Linux server, the default setting may be too long. This will probably result in the file not showing up in the system's import list. Shorten the Default name and/or remove the DateTime stamp.

If all users are downloading or using FTP to a single folder on a server, User Name is very important to allow the user to find their file to import it.

Export Default Name
This can be anything you want or it can be blank.

Export Filename Extension Setting
This is used for Epicor's Catalyst and Falcon systems.  Change this to the extension that is specified in the OE IMPORT settings in Catalyst/Falcon. This allows foe filtering of Vendor specific orders only in the import list.

Specifiy the extension in the "User Defined Export File Extension" box. Example: fil for Andersen.

Customer Number
Some system like Epicor's BisTrack must have a customer number in the data. Check the box and enter a valid BisTrack customer number. The customer number can be changed in BisTrack.    

Default SKU
This can not be blank. SaberisConnect requires a SKU for its process.

For some system it is required that a valid "special order" SKU be on every line item. Most systems can now create a unique special order SKU when the quote or order is imported.    

For Estimating system that have valid stock SKUs this default sku will be used for any item that has a blank SKU.

Phrase Mapping
Check this box to activate the Phrase Mapping feature. This can reduce descriptions dramatically. less that 50% is possible.   
See the support page on Phrase Mapping for help in setting this up.

Cost Factor
Some Modules do not require a cost factor because cost is avaiable in the data from the Vendor quote/order system. Others like Andersen iQ, Marvin OMS and Jeld-Wen QQ require a cost factor in SaberisConnect in order to send cost to the POS/ERP system.   This cost factor can also be entered at "runtime" on an order by order basis.

If no factor is entered, the list price will be sent to the POS/ERP system and the user may be able to apply a factor there.

Selling Price
Most Vendors system allow for the setting of selling factors and therefore SaberisConnect can "Use factored pricing from data".

Other like Marvin OMS will require a default factor or the user can use the POS/ERP system's tools fro applying a factor on cost, gross margin or "bottom line" total in order to arrive at the selling price.      

Do not forget to Save your changes,