User Settings

The Administrator should create a User account for every person or "desk" using SaberisConnect. This will allow the export file to have the User's name in the file name and therefore it can be easily found among all the other user files that are being downloaded to the same server folder. This is not important for any POS/ERP system that imports the file from the user's desktop.

The other purpose of User accounts is that the User can only "see" their orders in the Document list of processed orders. You might want to consider a "desk" user name if you want all personal in a department to see all the orders.

To create a new User:

1-Click on Account Admin

2- Click on Users

3- Click on Create New      

The password must be 8 characters log and contain at least 1 Upper Case  letter, 1 lower case, 1 number and a 1 "special" character eg. ! *()#

Grant only user rights to most users. You don't want all the users to be able to change company settings. 

Since most admis are IT people, it may be feasible to to grant Admin rights to a key person in the design and/or sales department. They may be the ones responsible for the Module setting and Phrase Mapping.

4- After completing the required information, click on Register.

To Edit an existing User:

1- Click on Account Admin

2- Click on Users

2- Click on Edit

3- Click on Edit

4- You can change the following settings:

  • User Name 
  • Password. The User cannot change their password unless they have Admin rights.
  • Disable the user if they are no longer active.
  • Change the User's rights to Cpmpany Administrator