Document Processing

SaberisConnect cloud processing starts here. .

Upload Document

First Select the Module you want to run.

Next, click "Choose File". An "Open" dialog window will appear with your computer drives and folder. Navigate to the folder where you saved the Vendor exported Quote/Order file or document.

Note:It is recommended that if the user is processing many different Vendor Modules, that a common folder be set up to receive all vendor files.

Process Document

Click on the "Process Document" button to start the upload and processing. 

Per Upload Settings 

For BisTrack users, you can enter the Store Number (Branch code), Sales Person, and Sales Order Number. (Can also be entered in 2020 Design info, under the Design Tab)

The Sales Order Number allows you to merge the current order with an existing sales order in BisTrack.

If you want to override the BisTrack default type of transaction, you can use Sales Type. Example: Normally the Saberis import creates a Sales Order. You want this import to create a quote/estimate, therefore select Sales Type = Quote.

The next step is to change any Cost or Selling factor (multiplier) settings for the current upload. Many Vendor Modules require no changes. Marvin OMS and Jeld-Wen are two that usually need changes. In these cases we recommend that the Factors be left at 1.00.

The Default SKU can also be changed. This may be necessary for some Vendor/Main System combinations. Please check the support pages for each Module to see if changes have to be made for each upload. 

After making any necessary changes, click on the "Next" button.  

Note:The Document process is different for the 2020 Kitchens Module. Please see the 2020 Kitchens Vendor Process page.
Download Processed File

Click on the Processed file name in the right column, and save it to where your POS/ERP system is expecting to find it.  

Tip: If there is no file name appearing in the Processed File column, check that the Uploaded file is the correct one for the Module name showing in the Module column.

Tip: If the Status column shows an "Error", check to make sure all the steps starting with the Vendor System export or submit, through to the upload and factor settings are correct. If they are, please notify Saberis Support.