Export Settings

Saberis will set up these options based on the information given to us at the time the account is created. Only users with Administrator rights will see the Settings on the top Menu Bar.

Click on Settings on the top Menu Bar, then on the side menu click on Export Settings.

  1. The Export File Format: This is determined by which POS/ERP system you are using at your company. For more details please see POS/ERP Systems.

  2. Export Adapter:  This is a new  feature for SaberisConnect. For most ERP systems you will have the choice of "NONE" or FTP (see below for setting if the FTP option is chosen).

    1. NONE  This setting will require the user to manually download the document to the necessary folder to be be imported by your ERP system.
      TIP  Consider using a browser that is different that your regular one to log into SaberisConnect. You can then set the browser download default setting to download to the required folder without a "Save As" pop-up..
    2. BISTRACK: Right now set this to NONE for BisTrack. Saberis does not "push" the document to BisTrack. Instead BisTrack "pulls" the document from the SaberisConnect server. This happens every 30 seconds after the "Go live" date and every minute on their training server.

      This setup is activated by BisTrack in coordination with Saberis Support. 

    3. FTP (File Transfer Protocol): This is a method to get the SaberisConnect processed document to your POS/ERP system for importing. Saberis FTP option can eliminate the need for the user to download the document. Ask your IT department to set-up a secure FTP server, and then fill in the necessary domain, user name, password, and target path information.
      NOTE Selecting a Secure FTPS format (Explicit or Implicit) requires a certificate that is issued by a Certificate Authority. Self-signed certificates cannot be used in our automated FTPS process.
    4. Kerridge K8 Adapter

    5. Saberis uses the K8 API to "push" data to K8.