Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Email and request a Trial Account. Please provide your name, company, and phone number. Someone from sales will contact you within 24 hours.

Email and request a Trial Account. Please provide your name, company, and phone number. Someone from sales will contact you within 24 hours. Please specify if you would like to pay monthly or annually.

You can have your IT team map our Standard Saberis XML Export File to your system import format. This can still help streamline the integration of multiple vendor systems into your POS/ERP with one integration for you to maintain.

Please see browser setup

Unlimited users per site or store are allowed.

Our pricing model is based on the size of the total company. If you have 5 sites but one is a manufacturing facility, you will need to pay for 4 sites.

Support for XpressPOS ended June 30th, 2021.

Watch out for user/password credentials that are "auto updated" by your browser or password manager application. This can override Saberis credentials entered on the vendor web page with your saved vendor credentials. It can also override vendor credentials entered in SaberisConnect with your saved Saberis credentials.

Please verify that your Marvin credentials are set up with "Export Back Office" permissions. For more information: Marvin Import Process

2020 Design

The DEFAULT catalog may have been deleted. SaberisConnect needs the default catalog to dump unmapped catalogs to. This could be descriptive catalogs from the cloud or plumbing, appliance or sample catalogs.

Solution: check to see that the default catalog is in the SaberisConnect list. If it is not, create it in Catalog Settings.

You can link the 2020 Catalog to the "DELETE" catalog in Import Catalog settings.

If you do not have a DELETE catalog in the catalog list, create one with the SKU set to "DELETE".

This is a display issue with recent versions of Windows. From your PC, go to the Start Menu and select Settings > Ease of Access. Change the text size to 100% bigger to 110% Apply button and opened 20-20. If 2020 Design was open, close the application and relaunch it. Once this has been updated and you can see the "submit" button in the pop up window, trying different display settings to determine what works best for your PC.

Epicor BisTrack

An Administrator can add new modules in SaberisConnect. Please refer to Administrator Settings for additional details.

You will also need to submit a request to Epicor for them to add the new vendor module in your eBusiness setup.

This is a setup issue in eBusiness, where either the vendor module has not been added or it has been set up with a different "source identifier" than what we are passing in the export file.

To verify this setup:

  1. Open BisTrack System Manager.
  2. Select "eBusiness" on the left side menu.
  3. Select "eBusiness Setup" from the Taskpad.
  4. Select the "XpressPOS" tab from eBusiness Setup.
  5. Locate and select the module on the left side of the window. Review the setting for "eBusiness Source Identifier" and update if needed. Contact if you need further confirmation.

Note: If the vendor module is not available, please submit a request with Epicor to add this module.

BisTrack is typically configured to expect a default customer code in our export files. This is defined in your vendor module settings, but can be replaced by a location based "default" using our Location Settings.

Please review Module Settings for more information on "Use Customer" settings.

For more information on setting up default customer codes by location, please refer to Administrator Settings and User Settings.

Please log in to SaberisConnect and review the Document List. If the most recent documents show a "Process Complete" status and there is a "processed file" available, please check your eBusiness jobs to see if another job in their queue is running long, or if the FTP process needs to be restarted.