General Settings

Saberis will set up these options based on the information given to us at the time the account is created. Only users with Administrator rights will see the Settings on the top Menu Bar.

It is the responsibility of the Company Administrator to verify these settings.

Click on Settings on the top Menu Bar.

  1. Allow Unix Filenames: This should be used for:
    1. POS/ERP Unix/Linux servers.
    2. Users of the Saberis FTP option. This feature will purge a "/" that may be in the Design or project name in the export file name. A "/" could create a new folder on the server with the name of the file name up to the "/".

  2. Wrap Long Descriptions: The different POS/ERP systems have different import description field lengths. SaberisConnect will create "text" or "comment" records, or XML Tags for any part of the description that does not fit into the description field on the POS/ERP system.

  3. Max Description Length: Most legacy systems are 32 characters. The more modern systems have much bigger description fields. Please see POS/ERP Systems for more detailed information.