Item vs Parent Pricing

With the Andersen iQ+ module, we have settings that allow you to control how items are displayed in your POS/ERP System. You have options to see all items as separate lines or to have the cost and selling values rolled up to a "parent" unit, with specific accessory types included or excluded depending on your settings.

Here's a summary of what to expect based on the settings you choose

Item Pricing

Every unit or part number is broken out separately - the windows, including each section for units that are not factory mulled (i.e. dealer/job site mulled), the hardware, screens, extension jambs, trim, drip caps, you name it and it will appear separately in the file we send to your POS/ERP system

Parent Pricing

The idea with parent pricing is to roll up items to the unit they belong to. You have additional options that let you select which items should be rolled up to the parent, and how to treat the items that are not rolled up.

Processing rule for accessories

Setting this to "Exclude from Parent Pricing Processing" will keep the items specified as separate lines with their own quantity, cost, selling and list values

Setting this to "Add SKU to create zero priced items" will keep the items specified as separate lines with their own quantity values but with cost, selling and list values rolled up to the parent item. This way, you can invoice the full amount in advance for items that are shipped to the customer at a later date

Select which accessories get special processing

Selecting "Exclude ALL accessories from special processing" will break out all accessories as separate items. Window unit sections that are dealer/job site mulled will be combined into one "parent" item

Selecting "Exclude accessories by type from settings below" will allow you to separate screens, hardware, grilles and/or extension jambs from the parent unit, based on the accessory types selected for special processing. Trim, drip caps and other accessory types not listed will be rolled up to the parent.

Accessory Types for special processing

Select the checkboxes for Screens, Hardware, detached Grilles and/or Extension Jambs in order to activate them for special processing