Andersen iQ+ Export Process

Andersen iQ+ has gone STEALTH!

No exporting, no uploading and no need to process.

It is all done for you!

  1. To activate the Saberis export process, first select "General Settings" from your user profile.

  2. Scroll down in the General Settings to "Quote Export Settings" and select "Saberis", then select "save".

  3. Open a quote. Navigate to the "Actions" button.

  4. From the drop down list, select "Export".

  5. When prompted, enter your SaberisConnect credentials, then select "Export".

  6. You should receive a message stating "Quote successfully exported".

Now go to your ERP system if the system is "pulling" down orders from the Saberis Server or Saberis is "pushing" orders into the system.

If your system does not do the above, then log into your SaberisConnect account and you will see the quote/order already processed and ready for downloading.